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3/31/14 - Day 261 - THE END by Patrick


In the end, it all comes back
Circling in upon itself time and again.
You and me, standing our ground
Side-by-side as stranger friends.

The danger was there, stanch and still
Waiting for every misstep and pain.
But despite what faults may have crept in my mind
You pushed on keeping both of us sane.

And now at the last, we return and stand fast
Against odds that impossibly grew.
’Twas an arduous task to set fire to the world…

…But I’m glad that I set it with you.

3/27/14 - Day 259 - WE’VE MET by Patrick


Aeons pass between you
As you grasp at the silent lost time
Imagining what secrets have passed
To this girl with eyes of lime.

It’s those eyes that seem so familiar
Yet their meaning hides well in the gloom
For to you she speaks words ever friendly
While inside your soul fears for its doom.

You wish to know how you know her
But the answer you get is the same.
It is now that you find her your master,
For vast power lies in knowing a name.

3/28/14 - Day 260 - The Giant Forest Slug by Joe

Picture of the Day

What most people don’t realize is all woodland streams are created by giant forest slugs. The slugs start out small, maybe only an inch or two long with an appropriate width. They spend their lives trailing the undergrowth and eating up earth and flora. Some are picked off by predators and some die of sickness (though never starvation). Maybe one in every thousand survive to adulthood.

What an adulthood! They may grow up to twenty-seven meters long with an appropriate width. They go about eating everything that crosses them and blazing a trail up, always up. The word blazing may be misleading here. They are slugs after all and maintain a steady, leisurely pace.

Up and up they go, leaving a squirmy trail behind that is coated in their slug juice and makes for a perfect stream. When water falls from the sky it naturally gravitates towards these slug trails and fills in the squirms.

When the slugs finally go as far up the mountain as they possibly can, they look back upon the trail they’ve blazed, watch the sun set a final time, then explode and let their bits flow back down the mountain. This also seems to be how they reproduce. Every small bit of giant slug has each the potential to become a giant itself.

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